Welcome to KEYPOINT AB
The Pan European Venture Management Company

Across Europe there are numerous of small niche oriented IT/Telecommunications
companies that profitably wants to grow worthy to their merits.
Many of them wants to expand their offerings and/or to expand their domestic
activities across Europe. In some cases they are confronted with problems they need
help to solve or they see opportunities they want help in absorbing.

To grow alone and to grow fast under control is proven to be very difficult.
To fix problems and to reach opportunities as an isolated company is also proven
to be very challenging, especially while maintaining the ongoing business of a company.
KEYPOINT AB helps these companies and helps accelerating the ambitions of
these companies to make their plans become tangible and real.

KEYPOINT provides solid and hands on international management
competence-, raise intelligent risk capital-, open up access to new technologies and
new product applications-, build European customer bases-, profitable synergies
and economies of scale-,plus deliver a cost effective back-office support to its
subsidiaries, partners and associates in Europe.

KEYPOINT focus its activities on startups, companies in need of restructuring
and on small domestic companies that profitably wants to grow.

KEYPOINT delivers substantial competence and many years of experience to
companies active in IT/Telecommunications sector in Europe.
We strategize, evaluate, implement and follow up. We deliver increased
shareholders value to fees surprising most business professionals and so far our clients.

Keypoint AB